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If you allow your child to read my journal... [entries|friends|calendar]

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HA HA HA I WAS SUCH AN ASS. [22 Sep 2008|11:42am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ha ha el oh el.

Well nothing on here is accurate anymore. I was just getting on here to read all of my old entries. I was such an ass XD Back in the day, yeah.

Funny stuff. My spelling was so crappy :( Oh well.

HA HA HA I'm reading about a fight I had with one of my friends in ninth grade.

And yes I'm aware that the dating on here is totally wrong.

I haven't been on here since mid-2006, but it says I've posted stuff in October 2007...WHICH HASN'T HAPPENED YET.

Ha ha. Less than two months until I'm 18. Go me.

to a god that doesn't exsist

Wiggity wiggity wacked! [19 Nov 2007|10:08am]

Guess who just got their license?


I did!

So stay off the sidewalks, mwa ha ha XD
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Hmph [17 Nov 2007|12:46am]

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

And I'm afraid to tell anyone.
to a god that doesn't exsist

Oh to the Em to the Gee! [13 Nov 2007|07:13pm]
-le sob-

Today was....buh. I was really peppy this morning, kind of just in a 'happy to see everyone' mood, but everyone else is always so tired from drama DX I'm glad I'm not in it. I'd be horrible at it. Anyways, um...I have to redo a lab 'cause I got a 79...which isn't horrible but not too great, either. She's giving us the chance to redo any lab we want so yeah. Um...I really need to get a new layout for this thinger, I think it's still the M.Manson one (that refuses to work on any of my computers no matter how new or spiffy they may be). Hmph. Ah well, I almost never use Livejournal anyway.

Back to my day of fabulous boredome....did I spell that correctly? -ponders-

We had to listen to an Air Force dude talk for Psych, and he wasn't unbearably horrible like the other guy! Um...English...I kicked Jordan? Government was boring as always and I got a...erm...a not-so-good grade on my test. I don't know what to do, I just do NOT understand math. At all. It's completely pointless. Who needs math to be a Journalist/Photographer anyway? Umumumum....at least my icon is totally wicked sweet yo dogg (ew...) like me. I almost died of boredome in Spanish.....OMG Meg is pregnant with Duncan's baby on V. Mars :O I was so shocked.
to a god that doesn't exsist

Tra la la. La. [13 Oct 2007|07:03pm]
I wonder if anyone even reads this.

Didn't I say that yesterday? I'm not even sure what my LJ Layout looks like. I need to make a new one with a more puurrrty background.

I bet people do read this. After all, none of your Myspaces are safe from ME! Unless you set them to FO...then I'm kinda stuck.

Gah, it's cold today. I hope my mom took Skip's medium-weight and put it on him. Dun want him to get real fuzzy too early!

XD I also found out that the Lippizaner (sp?) stallions AREN'T all stallions. The front page of the Weekender had one of them rearing, one of the alleged "stallions" and it was VERY clear that he is no longer a stallion. He be a gelding, the silly goose!

Fire drill was cool. It was nice outside until the damn wind started a'blowin', then I froze my figmental balls off. Then...my hair...got messy. I'm not neurotic. I don't have a problem.

I just love brushing my hair. After brushing it for 10-15 minutes non-stop, it's like satin.

Which I like :D

My back hurts.

I wonder where Sebastian is.

Some named Nick Frank called me an 'emo freak' (I found out, Nick H told me).

I wonder if I can link things in these to any page I want. Let's do....a coding test!


Maybe it'll work. Let's find out.
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Hhmph! [13 Oct 2007|01:24am]
I wonder if anyone still reads this. I bet they do. I know other people snoop. I sure do XD

Well...I have nothing much to say. Chessie just ran by with a chewie in her mouth. And Sebastian is sleeping on the couch.

My mom is watching Grey's Anatomy, and my brother...is a weenie.
to a god that doesn't exsist

Best. Song. Ever. [10 Oct 2007|12:23am]
Just felt compelled to post it.

Sorry for the aweful spelling/spacing, I didn't type it.

We areon fire
We havedesires
But oneis that way
One Backstreet boy is gay

But wedont want to be mean
Since now hes a queen
Dont ask please
Which Backstreet boy is gay?

Tell me who?
Aint saying that its AJ
Tell me who?
Aint saying that its Howie
Tell me who?
I never wanna hear you say
Which Backstreet boy is gay?

Now I can see him
Hes in womens clothes
But he dont need an ID
He likes Village People
Hes playing crokain
His dog is a peeking meeeee.

He ison fire
His backperspires
Wont saywont saywont sayok

Hes always saying

Aint nothing but a butt ache
Aint nothing but a fruit cake
I never wanna hear you say
(I never wanted to hear you to say)
Which Backstreet boy is gay?

Tell me who?
Aint saying that its Brian
Brian, tell me who?
Aint saying if youre Kevin
Tell me who?
Hes making up a suit play
Which Backstreet boy is gay?

OkWere all gay
to a god that doesn't exsist

lYkE oMgZ mI iC0N iZ s0o0o HaW+!!1! [03 Oct 2007|08:32pm]
lyKe TtLy!!!

Mmkay I can't type today. My nails keep sliding right off the keys and onto other keys (someone I was able to get an accent over an "a"). In that sentence I had to delete and retype about 15 times.


School was DUMB.


Pfffff....camper n00b n00b nubby modder cheater n00b!
to a god that doesn't exsist

UGGINS [29 Aug 2007|09:03pm]
Well, school starts tomarrow.

'Tis sad.

I'm freezing.

And I don't feel good.

I are talking to Damer

About Wonder Showzen.

My mommeh ish yelling.

Something about moldy potatoes.


to a god that doesn't exsist

Weeeeyyllll.... [22 Aug 2007|01:52pm]
Victoria got her schedule. Yesh she did! Here it is:

2nd- Chem
3rd- Study hall (chem on thursdays)
4th- Pysch
5th- English 3 academic (B lunch)
6th- American Gov.
7th- Trig
8th- Spanish 3 (I have Robo-Seltzer this year)
9th- Mass Media..I'll be with...all seniors...probably....unhappy about that.
to a god that doesn't exsist

Hmph! [10 Aug 2007|07:35pm]
Just waiting for a reply from PAWS..going to do volunteer work there for the graduation project (hopefully, if they reply and I get accepted). I applied for the "Weekday Cleaner". I basically clean cat cages/litter boxes, feed/medicate the cats, and play with them. Stuff I do already with Sebseb! Except the cage cleaning part, he doesn't have a cage. Why would he?

Relatives here, ish coolio. Also waiting for a reply from Becca and Kate...and for my schedule. Bah humbug!
to a god that doesn't exsist

They might make a wee-wee on me! [06 Jul 2007|04:52pm]
Let's see...Skip's coughing has started again. For a while he had an infection of some sort, but he got antibiotics and he's over that. He's still coughing when I ride him, so I can only ride him for 15 minutes a day. He's getting a little out of shape because he hasn't been ridden hard for about 2 weeks...um...my dad and Samu are at a train show for 3 days, which means I'll be up all night on the net and watching TV...I'm on a diet ^.^ It's made up of mostly applesauce, but it's fun saying 'APPAHSAAAASSSEEEE!!!!"
to a god that doesn't exsist

I'M FREE! [22 Jun 2007|09:24pm]
From the grips of being banned from the net for 2 weeks!! I'm still sort of banned, I have to get my job applications turned in, and until I do, no internet. Meh. Let's see....yesterday Skip started his coughing again, but it's worse this year. He coughed on the crossties, in his stall, and even on a loose rein. It got alot worse when I framed him up. We got medicine from the vet (the stuff he was on last year). And NO, wetting his hay won't help, so if you're going to tell me that, it's not that kind of cough.
to a god that doesn't exsist

I'm FREE!!!! [07 Jun 2007|10:09pm]
Finally! School is over!!!!!! AHHH!!!!! So now I'm a junior, which is pretty cool. Now I'll be a loser UPPERclassman instead of a loser UNDERclassman. That's coolio! But I have to go into school tomarrow for a meeting with meh Bio teacher. I don't wanna talk about it, so blah. I had a bad lesson today, Skip was really lazy and I was thinking about the meeting the whole time, so I would miss distances and I just did really badly. Meh. For a last day of school, today really sucked
to a god that doesn't exsist

Skip's most EXCELLENT adventure! [03 Jun 2007|08:49pm]
Skip was...odd today. I put him on the crossties, and instead of just standing and occasionally pawing like he usually does, he's dancing from side to side, his head is up in the air and he's staring out the door and about to have a heart attack. He keeps pawing and snorting and throwing his head everywhere, but I finally get him tacked up and stuff. So I take him out and get on, and I can feel it already, he feels like a coiled spring that's ready to explode. I got him to the outdoor ring and we started trotting (I had the reins rather short because of how he was behaving) and his stride was HUGE. I didn't know his stride could be so big. It was fun to ride such a big stride and fun to go so forward and with his head so high, but he was upset or freaked out by SOMETHING (they also haven't been out for a day or two because of the weather, but he never acted like this before when they didn't get out) and he felt like he was going to blow up at the smallest noise or movement, so I took him into the indoor and he was still a little up but he behaved much better, and I made him work harder than usual. Bleh, I have Bio to study, what fun! Let's see what else, oh, more Bio! Oh what fun! And then I get to....study MORE BIO! I'm about to explode with excitment and joy! -.-
to a god that doesn't exsist

^.^ Sebbie Pantsy Pooh Face! [01 Jun 2007|10:03pm]
He's laying on the couch (I'm procrastinating so I'm updating again). He's right inbetween the -sniggle- buttcrack of the cushions and he's stretched out and SLEEPIN. He's the widdle cuddle kitten ggggggg he's so CUTE!!! I wonder where Chessie is... OH I FORGOT to update about last night! Well it was only about,a thousand degrees outside, so naturally it had to be wednesday (lesson day) so I get out there and I don't ride till 5 so it cools down to a chilly 500 degrees by the time I'm riding. So he's nice and LAZY for the flatwork, had a little coughing at the trot but the ring was a tad dusty, but more coughing than usual, and so when I start jumping him, I stupidly assume that he would add on such a cool breezy day, but I quickly decided that he was NOT going to add, after the first line, he was doing the steps XD That laughing face may not make sense to you, but if you were there, you'd get it. Anyways, so he was doing the strides really well for the first course, but then he got tired so we added the 2nd time and then he was done. He was really sweaty. I believe Chessie is sleeping in the kitchen. CHEEEEESIE! YOU ARE A WEINER WIPE OF SORTS!!!!!! I'm gonna go take a shower and go to sleep early because my eyes hurt with...tired?

I need to get some more pictures of Skip up here, those ones were from like, 2 years ago, back when he was a young whippersnapper! Now he's a little old man at the age of 17 ^.^ But he's my lazy little old man. He's actually not that old, he's equal to a dude in his late 50's. Well, okay that's old but not old old.
to a god that doesn't exsist

Ucky. [01 Jun 2007|08:23pm]
Let's see...
Turned in Bio lab
Took art final
Sat in english not doing anything
Amber said I'd look good with heavy smudgy black eyeliner. -smacks Amber- WOULD NOT! Makeup doesn't look right on my ugly
Sat in english again and didn't do anything
Watching Finding Nemo in health, I love the little shrimp guy in the tank! He's the c00li3$+. I got a 98 on my final too
Sat in gym, not doing anything, but we had to change to sit there
Hated spanish, got sprayed with Elaine's spray-fan by Tyler even though I told him not to. He's an ass. He shoots little animals and LIKES it.
Hated history, was bored.

bleh. my eyes hurt from tired. I was up until about 11 doing that stupid Bio lab and I've been up and homework and the Bio, it's so dumb. Everywhere you look, in every 10th gradeclassroom, you see SOMEONE working on Bio. That's just sick. Blah. I want a nap. With a cap. On a map. In a dog's lap. With a mudflap. In a mousetrap. In cat crap. Without getting a slap. And not listening to rap. With a tap. And a dog's yap. And a biological zap.
to a god that doesn't exsist

Ung it's so hot outside... [29 May 2007|09:45pm]
I think my anal oriface is going to melt. I'm sweating and roasting, and when I take a shower, I'm gonna take it EXTRA cold. I'm sitting here in shorts, a t-shirt, and my HAIR is pulled up, can you believe it! My hair is up! That's how friggin hot it is. I wish school was out so that I didn't have to straighen my hair in the heat. Yuck. Skip was really lazy today, but we tried countercantering, which he did.
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Anal oriface [28 May 2007|09:33pm]
Bleh. It's too hot out, it was 80 today, so I took it easy on Skip and then afterwards he got a bath ^.^ so now he's squeaky clean. What else what else...hmm.....I don't know. XD I'm watching Snow Dogs. It's the stupidest movie ever.
to a god that doesn't exsist

Wee Snaw! [27 May 2007|09:41pm]
Blah. I couldn't go ride today because my dad is a meanie and wouldn't give me a ride >.< but I can ride on Monday since there's no school to make up for it. Not like Skip minds being lazy all day and not having to work. I had to mow the lawn though, the WHOLE lawn. I got paid though, so that's good. I need about $150-$200 to get the stuff I want, so $15 is a start, I suppose. -belch- The black kitty cat was here again today. I think he/she is Madison's cat because I know she has a black kitty and this kitty isn't all skinny and mangled like the cats that come from the animal factory up the road from me o_O This kitty's coat is really nice, has good weight, VERY friendly (but does NOT like being picked up!).
to a god that doesn't exsist

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